CLARITY has been successful in securing funding for a number of other projects, additional to those funded by Science Foundation Ireland under the CSET programme. Some of these are listed below.

National Research Funding (Exchequer)

Enterprise Ireland

  • EI Comm, Microfluidic Analyser for pH and Chemical Oxygen Demand (MApCOD); with TE Labs
  • EI Commercialisation Fund 2010, MyEnergy: Real-time Energy Expenditure Calculation
  • EI competence centre, PERCOLATE
  • EI Innovation Partnership with "Wirelite Sensors"
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Beta Electronics, "gMEM: Capturing Golfing Memories
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Disney "Enhanced user experience in theme parks and sporting arenas"
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Episensor, "Autonomous Phosphate Analyser for Water Quality Monitoring"
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Everseen LTD., Content-aware Network Effective CCTV for the Retail Sector
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Fairview Analytics, "InSPeCT: Integrated Surveillance for Port Container Traffic"
  • EI Innovation Partnership with SpongeIT, "Visual lifelogging for Qualitative Market Research"
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Weedle, The Future of Search
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Zignals, "Visualising Sentiment Analysis of Online Information"
  • EI Innovation Partnership, Supplementary payment to Fairview Analytics Project
  • EI - Feasibility study on the use of the Personal Garage platform for Inertial Navigation and Road Traffic Accident Reconstruction
  • EI - IERC Scoping Project - Study the Convergence and Co-existence of Energy Information networks: Home Area Networks
  • EI -Coordination Grant- EvolutionAAL: Evolutionary Ambient Assisted Living
  • EI Commercalisation Case Feasibility Study - Instrumented Sports Arenas
  • EI Commercalisation Case Feasibility Study - Landfill Gas & Air Quality pollution monitoring system
  • EI Commercalisation Case Feasibility Study - Lifelogging, MyMoments
  • EI Commercalisation Case Feasibility Study - Wearable Inertial Sensor (WIMU)
  • EI Commercalisation Case Feasibility Study -AntTweeter, social Q & A
  • EI Commercalisation Case Feasibility Study- Sentiment Analysis
  • EI Commercialisation Fund - AntTweeter: social Q&A
  • EI Commercialisation Fund - In the Zone: indoor location
  • EI Commercialisation Fund - LifeLens aka Lifelogging
  • EI Commercialisation Fund - REMPAD: YouTube Reminiscence Therapy
  • EI Commercialisation Fund - SentiSense: Sentiment Analysis
  • EI Commercialisation Plus award for "HeyStaks: Web Search. Shared !"
  • EI Commercialisation Plus award for "Magnetics on Silicon for Power Supply on Chip"
  • EI Commercialisation Plus award for "Vuetility" for detection of electrical appliance usage
  • EI Commercialisation Plus award for pre-market field study for Vitfiz, a targeted exergaming solution for rehabilitation exercise management
  • EI Innovation Partnership with TELabs, Water Sensor
  • EI Innovation Partnership with Netwatch, Multi Sensor Fusion
  • EI Technology Feasability Studies KREJUV
  • EI Technology Feasability Studies SELC
  • ... plus several Innovation Vouchers (c 32) to support working directly with Irish SMEs

Environmental Protection Agency

  • EPA STRIVE Programme : DEPLOY Smart Catchment Demonstration - Long-term Deployment of Sensor Monitoring System
  • EPA STRIVE Programme : WAIST - Waste Augmentation and Integrated Shipment Tracking
  • EPA-Web Based Monitoring of Gas Emissions

European Space Agency

  • EMS-EX Training in a Microgravity Environment
  • European Space Agency: Advanced Concepts Team: Curiosity Cloning – Neural Modelling for Image Analysis
  • Medical Research Council (UK) - FLICC: Front of pack food Labelling: Impact on Consumer Choice

Marine Institute

National Digital Research Centre

  • CATALYSER Feasibility Programme : MetaLabs TV - National Digital Research Centre
  • FreeGaming: Mobile, Collaborative & Augmented Gaming
  • Metalabs – Video analysis and metadata generation for online search and advertising

International Research Funding (Non-Exchequer)

European Union

  • EU Office For Aeronautical R&DVehicle Tracking via Adaptive Weighting of Visual Features
  • EU Erasmus Mundus - International Ph.D. Program in real and Virtual Immersive Environments (VIE)
  • EU FP7 : Dem@Care: Dementia Ambient Care - Muti-Sensing Monitoring for Intelligent Remote Management and Decision Support (project 288199)
  • EU FP7 : REVERIE: REal and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments (project 287723)
  • EU FP7 3D Life - I Excellence in Midia Computing & Communication (EMC2)
  • EU FP7 ICT Call 5 2009 Green sensor networks for Structural monitoring
  • EU FP7 Integrated Project ICT-2009.4.1009.4.1 : AXES Access to Audiovisual Archives (AXES)
  • EU FP7 Network of Excellence : 3DLife: Excellence in Media Computing and Communication (EMC^2)
  • EU FP7 REVERIE: Real and Virtual Engagement in Realistic Immersive Environments
  • EU FP7 SECURITY: SAVASA: Standards based Approach to Video Archive Search and Analysis (project 285621)
  • EU FP7 STREP CLARITY Coordinator : RUBICON: Robotics UBIquitous COgnitive Network
  • EU FP7 STREP EnProve: A Software Model for PRedicting the Energy Consumption of Buildings
  • EU FP7 STREP Fiemser: Friendly Intelligent Energy Management System for Existing Residential Buildings
  • EU FP7 STREP Hobnet: HOlistic Platform Design for Smart Buildings of the Future InterNET
  • EU FP7 STREP ICT-2009.3.5 : GENESIs: Green sensor networks for Structural monitoring
  • EU FP7 STREP Psyche: Personalised monitoring SYstems for Care in mental HEalth
  • EU FP7- MOSYCOUSIS - Intelligent Monitoring System based on Acoustic Emissions Sensing for Plant Condition Monitoring and Preventative
  • EU Inter Reg Ireland-Wales Programme "Smart Coasts = Sustainable Communities"
  • EU Marie Curie - Health Research Board Post-doctoral Mobility Fellowships 2010 : "Investigating Factors Influencing Population Travel Activity and Sedentary Behaviour through Unsupervised Classification"
  • EU Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IRSES MASK Project
  • EU Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2010-IRSES PANAMA: Physical Activity and Nutrition: An EU-ANZ Research Collaboration to Exploit New Measurement Technologies and Quantity Impact on Health (project 295157)
  • EU Marie Curie FP7-PEOPLE-2011-IEF VISION Project
  • EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network "ATWARM (Advanced Technologies for Water Resource Management)"
  • EU Marie Curie re-integration award to support move by Dr. Kevin Fraser from Monash University
  • EU Marie Curie Training Network "INSPIRE: Optimization of Systems, Energy Management, and Environmental Impact in Process Engineering"
  • EU Regions of Knowledge Programme : REDICT - Regional Economic Development by ICT/New media clusters
  • EU- ICT-2011 - SMAC-SMArt systems Co-design
  • EUREKA CATRENE : eGo - embedded electronics with MEMS sensor

Other International

  • Medical Research Council (UK) - FLICC: Front of pack food Labelling: Impact on Consumer Choice
  • QUESTOR - Early warning sensing networks using digital imagery and surrogate sensor measurements
  • QUESTOR - Next Autonomous Chemical Sensor For Environmental Monitoring
  • Spanish government - Photonic ionogel-based tunable micromixers

Science Foundation Ireland

  • Cognitive Psychology Linking for E-memories- Memory Mesh
  • Design and fabrication of sensor augmented wireless mote for distributed sensing of deformation and temperature
  • Energy-aware Intelligent Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Estimating Tennis Player Motion via Inertial and Visual Sensing
  • Photo-, Electro-, Iono-, and Halochromism in Spirocyclic Polythiophenes
  • Polymer-based ion-selective electrodes in wireless sensing networks for water quality monitoring
  • Smart System for Monitoring Concrete Curing & Structural Health
  • Spatially Augmented Audio Presentation

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