To address the challenges of the sensor web, CLARITY’s technology Programme has been designed around a series of research and demonstrator Programmes. The former reflect the fundamental research streams that underpin the sensor web whilst the latter provide an application focus that brings together key technologies from across the research streams (RSs) in the service of a well-defined application need.

The Centre research spans four complementary research strands covering the following key areas: (click on each RS for more information)

In addition, demonstrator work has focused on developing a variety of demonstration systems in four key thematic areas:

  • Sports and Health – the development of demonstration systems for the use of sensor web technologies in applications areas such as tennis, hockey, cycling, personal fitness, etc.
  • Energy and the Environment – focusing on the development of energy sensing applications for personal and corporate use, including a live deployment of a home-monitoring sensor web application across 22 Irish homes.
  • Sensing the Real-Time Web – focusing on the potential of the real-time web as a sensor web network. As such it provides CLARITY with a network of virtual sensors to complement its physical sensor network deployments and will provide a key integration point across Research Strands 2-4, with a future opportunity to integrate physical world sensors from Research Strand 1 in due course.
  • Ambient Assisted Living – Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) refers to the idea of using sensors, in a variety of forms, to continuously and unobtrusively monitor the day-to-day activities and lifestyles of people as they live their ordinary lives. Within CLARITY we use a range of on-body wearable sensors as well as sensors built into the environment to detect characteristics such as location, movement and activity, and by combining sensor readings we build up a pattern of lifestyle and behaviour.

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