CLARITY combines world-class research with a vibrant culture of commercialisation. It has a very strong track record of successful partnerships with industry and spinning out technology into new companies. Recent success stories for CLARITY are the spin-out companies: Heystaks, Metalabs, and Changing Worlds, and the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Prize won with Fairview Analytics.

We are actively seeking opportunities to work with national and international companies and individuals to develop knowledge exchange partnerships and to explore IP licencing.

We have presented below a brief description of our 4 major research streams and a small selection of the technologies that we have available for co-development and/or licensing.

Web-Scale Sensing And The Real-Time Web

A suite of technologies in the service of serendipitous content discovery,whereby the needs, preferences, activities and context of individuals can help to drive the high-precision recommendation of relevant content to individual stakeholders and communities.

Web-Scale Sensing And The Real-Time Web

Contextual Content Analysis

Fundamental techniques to analyse and understand only relevant content as carried by the sensed data, taking cognizance of the manner in which the required semantic information will eventually be used

Sensor Web Platforms And Software Infrastructure

Sensor Web Platforms And Software Infrastructure

Research that ensures the instantiation of more sophisticated sensors, modes/motes, system software support and the production of assemblies of devices that will feed into prototype deployments.

Devices And Materials

Basic research in materials science and sensing at the molecular level that will make fundamental contributions to next generation sensor devices and platforms

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