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Microsoft Research SenseCam

Welcome to the SenseCam Wiki!

SenseCam is a wearable digital camera that takes photos automatically. Originally conceived as a personal 'Black Box' accident recorder, it soon became clear that SenseCam had great potential in a wide variety of application areas. This wiki is a forum for the exchange of information about SenseCam, primarily for the researchers and clinicians around the world who are exploring a multitude of uses for the device. Use the navigation bar on the left to find out more.

SenseCam was conceived and developed by Microsoft Research, in the Sensors and Devices Group in Cambridge, UK. There is more information on the Microsoft SenseCam website along with various resources including downloadable images and videos.

Contribute to SenseCam Wiki

If you would like to contribute information about your SenseCam research to the SenseCam Wiki you can register by sending an email to sensecamwiki@computing.dcu.ie with your request. Please ensure to provide your full name within the email.

Support for your Vicon Revue

If you bought a Vicon Revue, technical support is available by emailing support@viconrevue.com. Some common problems are described on the support page.

Latest news

Please refer to the news archive for older news.

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