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The below specifications are based on hardware version 2.3b and firmware version 2.6.7.

SenseCam User Manual
SenseCam loan application form
Setting up SenseCam for research study
Fixing SenseCam "deep-sleep" problems
Information sheet for research participants


  1. Accelerometer
    • Units: 1/819 g (where g = 9.80665 m/s2)
    Minimum: -32767
    Maximum: 32768
    Increments: 1
    • Labels in SENSOR.CSV data file: ACC1, ACC2, ACC3
    • 3 axes:
    X (ACC1) = leftward-rightward
    Y (ACC2) = upward-downward
    Z (ACC3) = forward-backward
  2. Temperature
    • Units: degrees Celsius
    Minimum: -128.0
    Maximum: 127.5
    Increments: 0.5
    • Label in SENSOR.CSV data file: TMP
  3. White Light
    • Units:
    Minimum: 0
    Maximum: 10000
    Increments: 1
    • Label in SENSOR.CSV data file: CLR
  4. Passive Infrared
    • Units:
    Minimum: 0
    Maximum: 1
    Increments: 1
    • Label in SENSOR.CSV data file: PIR

How to change SenseCam's trigger mode settings:

example BOOT.BAT file (change file extension from ".txt to ".bat")

  1. Create a plain text file named BOOT.BAT containing the lines specifying the setting you want (see below). Note that there MUST be a single "comment line" (beginning with a #) at the end of the file.
  2. Connect SenseCam to a computer. It should be mounted as a volume.
  3. Place the BOOT.BAT file in the SYSTEM folder on SenseCam.
  4. Disconnect SenseCam from computer.

Example BOOT.BAT contents:

manual, timer-based, sense-driven camera (default):
trig 0x1F02

Sensor-triggering only:
trig 0x1C02

Timer-triggering only (uses default timer interval of GAP 30):
trig 0x0200

Timer-triggering only, using maximum rate of image capture (GAP 1):
trig 0x0200
gap 1

manual and timer-based trigger only:
trig 0x0300

only run as stationary PIR monitoring camera:
trig 0x0402

manual digital trigger only:
trig 0x0100

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