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  • SenseCam Case Study - ActiveAge, 22 April 2008. Microsoft Research Cambridge has been working to develop a wearable digital camera. The wearer is able to review images that help to enhance the recall of specific events or activities...
  • Alzheimer's camera aid 'helps to restore memory' - Daily Mail, 12 December 2007. The SenseCam, funded by technology giants Microsoft, is a small device worn by the patient to record details of their life by taking a photo every 30 seconds.
  • A Camera to Help Dementia Patients - Technology Review, 10 December 2007. But a simple device called SenseCam, a small digital camera developed by Microsoft Research, in Cambridge, U.K., dramatically improved her memory: she could recall 80 percent of events six weeks after they happened, according to the results of a recent study.
  • SenseCam Aids Patients with Memory Problems, Slashdot, 10 December 2007. A small digital camera developed by Microsoft Research could boost memory in people with dementia and possibly mild forms of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Alzheimer’s camera helps restore memory - The Telegraph, 29 November 2007. The SenseCam hangs around the neck and takes digital pictures at regular intervals so that its user can scroll back through their day.
  • Wear your memory round your neck - Daily Mail, 24 March 2007. A camera has been developed to help Alzheimer's sufferers improve their memory. The slim digital device is worn around the neck and takes a snap of any movement or when there are changes in temperature and light. Played back on a computer at night, the series of images could improve the recall of those suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other conditions that rob people of their memories.
  • Human black box 'triggers memories' - Telegraph, 24 March 2007. Alzheimer's sufferers given a "human black box" have shown significant improvements in long-term memory, scientists say. Initial research suggests SenseCam, a wearable miniature camera being tested by Microsoft, could enrich the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Britain with dementia and other memory problems.
  • Black Boxes of our Lives - The Times, 1 August 2006. SenseCam performs much better in trials than either keeping a diary or deliberately taking Polaroid shots of things that subjects thought they would want to remember.
  • 'Black box' cam for total recall - BBC News, 15 June 2004. A wearable camera full of sensors could help people with memory problems, according to Microsoft researchers.
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