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  • April 18th - IAPMA 2011: 2nd workshop on information access for personal media archives at ECIR 2011, 18-21 April, Dublin, Ireland
  • February 24 & 25 - PDA 2011: Personal Digital Archiving, 24-25 February, the Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA, USA



The SenseCam 2009 Symposium was held at the Hotel Allegro in downtown Chicago on 16-17 October. The symposium covered the latest research results, ideas and the exciting future of SenseCam. There were two keynote speakers, 22 presentations by leading researchers from around the world, poster session, open panel discussion and an evening dinner. SenseCam 2009 was open to Academics, Clinicians, Researchers and anyone with an active interest in SenseCam.

A list of the posters and presentations which featured at SenseCam:2009 can be found here

The 11th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing includes a couple of papers very relevant to SenseCam.

  • May 12th - LifeMemories workshop: Active Digital Memories of Collective Life, Chilworth Manor, Southampton, UK.

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